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Vape Shop Air Cleaners

We’ve been solving tobacco smoke problems since 2003. For this project, we partnered with our manufacturer who has 35 years experience solving air quality problems for smoking establishments. 

I know, I know. Vape is NOT smoke. I get that.  

My point is that we have decades of experience solving air quality problems.  We’ve done the research about vape shop challenges and applied decades of air quality expertise and knowledge to solving vape shop problems for you.

The Cloud Crusher, a commercial grade air cleaner designed SPECIFICALLY for you — the vape shop owner.    

Our Cloud Crusher vape shop air cleaner can either be floor mounted on wheels or sat on a counter for chest-height vape removal.  This floor or counter-top placement will ensure much better results compared to a ceiling mounted air cleaner due to the heavy clouds that tend to fall to the floor, compared to rising smoke.

Don't make the mistake of buying a smoke eater and using it for your vape shop.  The two are not the same.  Oily clouds of vapor are much different than dry tobacco smoke.



Our usual smoke filters don’t work well for vape and we have spoken to many filter manufacturers to find the right type of filter.  Fortunately, we’ve been able to source a filter that is specifically designed for oil mist which is proving ideal for vape shops.  

We’ve built this new machine around this specific filter.  Now, in order to protect this filter so it doesn’t fill up too quickly, we also figured out that providing 12 pre-filters (changed monthly) will provide the longest life possible for the main oil/mist/vapor filter.

How long will the main filter last?  That all depends on your shop.  A standard vape shop can get a year out of these filters.  However, if you have cloud competitions or do very high volume, you may go through the filters more often than one set of filters per year.  

The other thing we had to do is make sure our solution is powerful enough to get the job done.  Without enough power, you won't be able to clean the air quick enough to keep up.  Our commercial grade Cloud Crusher has a fan that operates at 850 CFM (cubic feet of air per minute).  That means that in a 400 square foot shop, our unit will drag the entire room's worth of air through the filters every 4 minutes, or 15 times an hour.  While it won’t typically pull all of the vapor out of the air immediately, it will significantly reduce the amount of vapor mist and oil that gets all over your furnishings, floors and windows.

Depending on the volume of vaping going on, we anticipate you will need one of our Cloud Crushers per 400 to 600 square feet of retail space.  (Don’t count your back storage, office, bathrooms, etc.)  And the higher the volume of vaping, the smaller the space the machine will effectively cover.

Learn more about the Cloud Crusher Vape Shop Air Cleaner here.