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Whole House

If you live with a smoker and the smoke seems to get everywhere, you may want to consider handling the problem at the whole house level.

Step 1:  Resolve as much of the smoke problem in the room where the smoker spends the most time.  Our Smoke Stomper is the best in-room Home Smoke Eater.  Click the logo below to learn more...



Step 2:  If smoke and odors still spread to other parts of the home, consider either a whole house Dynamic Air Cleaner to filter the air, or perhaps the UV Light InDuct purifier to handle odors throughout the home.  In either case, call us for a personal recommendation.  Every home and situation is different and requires a conversation to make sure you get the right product. 

Want to learn the best way to handle smoke in a home?  Click to watch the first video on this page.  

Need a Whole House Solution?  Call Toll Free:  1-888-472-8736