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You've found the best Smoke Eater products on the market. Our units help you Get The Smoke out of your space!

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Our Happy Customers Say It All!

  • Your Products are Wonderful

    I am so happy with the air purifiers and the ultra violet light I installed last year in my bar. The difference is so great. My employees thank me profusely and a more than a few regular customers have noticed!

    Lanny M.
  • Let's Go!

    I love my air purifier! We had a little gathering here and all were smokers. The next morning my whole house smelled fresh with no residual cigarette odor.

    Donna B.
  • It's so Quiet

    We have been using our air purifier for about a month now. The results are dramatic! The quality of the air in the Post has improved 100%. We are very pleased with the results and are very happy with the unit operates quietly.

    Russ N.
  • Breathing Better

    Everything was perfect! We are all breathing better today. Appreciate the quality customer service you gave.

    Michael M.
  • Simply the Best

    Wow! Within minutes after turning it on, cleaner, breathable air filled the 12x24’ room. It has prevented the smoke residue smell from circulating through the rest of the house.

  • Great Price

    We got all the Smoke Eaters up and running. We are getting nothing but good reports of their effectiveness – especially in the bar!


A Message from our Founder...

As Seen On SpikeTV's hit show, "Bar Rescue!"

Bar Rescue used our Get The Smoke Out equipment to eliminate the smoke in a very smoky college bar in New Orleans.

Here's what one of our customers had to say...

“Good morning this is Debbie letting you know we installed the GetTheSmokeOut Smoke Eater over the weekend and love it!! My installer came up with a great plan and built a shelf near the ceiling without hanging it and it’s working perfectly. Getting positive feedback from our customers already.” 

— Debbie Walker - Point Place Marina, Natchitoches, LA