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Don't take my word for how great this Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater performs. Just check out all the customer testimonials we have received.

Hear what some of our customers have to say:

"My buds and I smoke nightly and use the Smoke Stomper for about 5 months of the year here in N. Michigan. There is virtually no smoke even though we are within 5 feet of the unit. Simply stated it works very well and we only change the filters once every 2 years. VERY GOOD PRODUCT." – Richard H.

"I'm very satisfied with my purchase of the Smoke Stomper thus far! Like the quietness of it and the simplicity of the maintenance of it! It's nice looking and doesn't take up a lot of room!

We use it as an end table by our couch and couldn't be happier! Thank you for keeping in contact with us!" – Sharon C.

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"What a class promotion you are running.. I really appreciate it and am happy to endorse your unit... I have it positioned right now and with weather stripping added to the doors while I smoke my cigars, my wife is now off my back.

A happy customer." – Les

"I received the unit yesterday and put it in the cigar room. I ran it for a couple hours and noticed a difference in the room right away. The stale odors that were down
there were gone. I had a cigar today and the machine along with my exhaust fan are doing a great job." – Kevin M.

"Dear Dan, I am very satisfied with the performance of the Stomper. I am impressed with your quick responses to all my email & questions, wonderful customer service in every way.

Thanks for the clean air in my smoking room, I would recommend your product to anyone. Happy Holidays. I will continue to order my filters when I need them from you." – Donna V.

"Dan, we have not had a lot of time with the new smoke eater, however the owner did use his home for a week and reported that the system seemed to work much better than anything else we have tried, given he and his friends are cigar smokers, I would say we have a winner. Thanks for your help in resolving this issue!" – Dave


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"About a year ago I called you requesting information about cigarette smoke removal. Our situation was that my father-in-law, who is a pack and a half a day smoker, needed to move in with us due to various health problems that he has. I have allergies, my wife has asthma and I have 2 young children, so the thought of a heavy smoker moving in was not setting well with me. You patiently answered my many questions and did a great job explaining how there is more to removing smoke than just removing the particles (gases, odors). You recommended a Dynamic CT500 console unit which I purchased.

My father-in-law only smokes in the room where the CT500 is located and after almost a year and over 40 cartons of cigarettes (yuk) later I can definitely say that the CT500 works great. You can go into his room only 5 minutes after he smokes and there is no visible smoke and barely a detectable odor. My wife can breathe in the room without aggravating her asthma. We have also noticed that the furniture, walls, and other things in the room do not have the brownish film that usually accumulates where smokers smoke frequently. We never notice smoke odor anywhere else in the house except a slight odor in the hall outside of his room when the furnace is running. This is why we also purchased a Dynamic filter for our furnace which helps a lot in catching what does happen to escape, and also has the added benefit of reducing the airborne dust and allergens in our house. My father-in-law also likes the fact that the unit is very quiet.

I especially appreciate your honest approach in an industry full of exaggerated claims of effectiveness. You told me that it is unrealistic to expect to completely remove all of the smoke odor with any product, and you're right, it doesn't... but it comes very close." – Don K., North Ridgeville, OH


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"I'm Karen from Kansas City. My husband is retired and smokes both a pipe and the NASTIEST cigars on the planet several times a day. I have had circulation problems including two heart stents. I don't want to breath his smoke, the cigars make me nauseous and I truly detest the smell that permeates our home. He has a den where he smokes, watches TV and reads so I bought a Smoke Stomper and installed it directly outside his den door. The results were instant and truly dynamic. There is no more smoke smell in our house including his den and I know I'm breathing smoke-free air." – Karen

"I meant to let you know how our situation is going. I bought the purifier for my father's bedroom in his basement apartment of our house. My 5 year old son is apparently allergic to smoke and would cough incessantly, requiring nebulizer treatments at least once a day. The purifier seems to have helped. We do not use the nebulizer very often but he is still taking prescription medication daily.

We will continue using your product and would recommend it. It is quiet and has helped with smoke odor." – Rebecca


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"Coming up on a year of having the filter in place and active for the whole time.

I am very pleased with the results. I have it up on a table top next to my smoking chair -- I have it filter side out so that it really sucks in the smoke immediately. I found that the filter did not work as well as a (competing) passive floor model for my cigar smoke. With the filter up and ugly side out it does everything I could hope for. It is easy to tell when to change the filter as the air quality is not as clean as it usually is -- I have been able to prolong filter time by vacuuming out the exterior filter screen. I have found that much of the filters effectiveness is related to how well the rest of the room environment is kept--vacuuming the rug and chair helps overall air quality as does dusting and vacuuming ceiling panels." – Eugene C.

"Jay Brown in San Francisco here. I bought the air cleaner a few months ago in response to a complaint by my apartment manager about the smell of smoke in the hallway near my apartment door. The unit has done a tremendous job. The air is a lot clearer, and cooler. I'm glad I landed on your site when I started shopping. Thanks for providing a great product in a time of need." – Jay


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"Just returning from Puerto Rico where you shipped my Smoke Stomper to. Regrettably my girlfriend is still a heavey smoker, but the Smoke Stomper did a remarkable job of removing virtually all the visible smoke very quickly in her studio apartment.

I was concerned that it would be noisy. It ran dead quiet on high speed all night long right next to the bed and I even had to check it a few times to see if it was on. Very happy with the overall performance.

Additionally, it was packed so well, that it could have been dropped out of a cargo plane without a chute." – John W.
"It is working great. Please send info on replacement filters in a couple of months." – Phil


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"I think the Smoke Stomper is the very best of any I’ve tried, hands down, maybe this written testimonial will help.

My wife and I are long time smokers. We do not smoke in our home except in my basement tool room. At one end, we have a few chairs, a phone and small TV. It always worked just fine during the warm months when we could open doors and use a fan, but fall and winter was always a real air pollution problem. Before we got the Air Cleaner System, the odor and smoke filled air were unbearable, even for a smoker. Our eyes watered, we developed coughs and it was a very unpleasant place to be, even after the room had been empty for a couple of hours. We had tried various Hepa systems and others with limited or no relief. Your system was going to be our last try. We ordered.

Wow! Within minutes after turning it on, cleaner, breathable air filled the 12’ x 24’ room. It has prevented the smoke residue smell from circulating through the HVAC system into the rest of the house. The first filter was short lived, for it also picked up the tool room duct from my previous sawing, drilling, sanding, etc. I was amazed. Gradually, the filter life lengthened as the dust and smoke cleared. I was patting my self on the back, not from coughing, now, but from being smart enough to by the machine. Even our non-smoking friends have given unsolicited comment that they haven’t smelled the smoke in our home as they had before.

Spring came and we moved our smoking outside to the deck. The air cleaner sat idle in the tool room for about a month. Soon, my usual spring allergies were plugging up my respiratory system. Why not try using the Smoke Eater in my bedroom, I thought…so I moved it upstairs and into the bedroom. Within just a few days, my sniffles and sneezes subsided and eventually disappeared for the summer. I have tried to convince a friend whom I visit to purchase one. It has been an ongoing task. He’s somewhat disabled and is a considerable distance; were he able to visit me in my smoke room, I know he would have one in his.

Thanks for helping us have clean air." – Mike

"The unit works well so far. My wife even approves of the look. I am just trying to find an optimum position for it." – JB


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Even More Customer Feedback - this time about us:

"Thank you, thank you, you are a one-in-a-million helpful businessman!" – Bonnie

"Thanks, Dan for you top service." – John B.

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"It was a complete pleasure to talk to you. Thanks for talking like a person instead of a computer!!!! See you again when I need replacement filters." – Bill

"Thank you very much-your customer service is exemplary take good care." – Lisa


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"Thank you so much it was a pleasure doing buisness with your company." – Ray M.

"Thanx for the reminder service, right now I just wait for my wife to complain about the dust build up on the furniture. Now that I have signed up for your service, she'll think that she has changed me after 50+ years.

You may have saved my marriage!" – George


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"Thanks again for all your help today, I can't wait to get my air purifier." – Jerry

"Thanks SO much for your help! I am VERY impressed with how you have responded to my e-mails with so much help and in a timely manner every time." – Kay L.

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"Thanks, boy I am impressed with the service already. Looking forward to the equipment. Hopefully, it will save my grandson some asthma grief when he visits, as I am a smoker." – Terre

"We received the replacement filters today, and we want to thank you for your diligence and customer respect. Rest assured that you will hear from us again." –Bill G., Stone Mountain, Georgia

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"Thank you! I received my order A-OK. Prompt service, good price." – Art R.

"Thanks received the filter order yesterday as promised. Everything was perfect installed when I got home from work. We are all breathing better today. Thanks for your expedience in this order and

Appreciate the quality customer service you gave. Our Family will definitely be using your company again in the future! Thanks again Dan!" – Michael M., Mesa, AZ

"Thank you so very much. So far both of the air purifiers are doing and excellent job. Thank you so much for responding to me. Your an honest man and I have enjoyed doing business with you." – Karol

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"Thanks, Dan. I'm impressed with the customer service." – Doug R.

"Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I want to tell you that we are very happy with the Unit. As you informed told us before we bought the unit, it will not take care of 100% of the smoke instantly, especially when you have a person that smokes 4 packs a day, but I would say it takes care of 80 to 85% quickly, which now makes it bearable to be in the room. Thank you again and have a Happy New Year." – Joe and Linda Sansone

"Lets go! I love my air purifier! We had a little gathering here and all were smokers. The next morning my whole house smelled fresh with no residual cigarette odor." – Donna Boggs

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Ok, Ok, you get the point. Obviously the Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater works like a champ. And clearly we are a company that CARES ABOUT YOU - our customer. Don't believe me? Give us a call and see how we treat you on the phone. Low pressure. Honest recommendations. It really is "all about you".

Ultimately you need to make up your own mind whether or not you want to work with us or give our time-tested Smoke Stomper Home Smoke Eater a shot.

You can count on the fact that I will do everything possible to ensure your complete satisfaction. A great product. Great service. An amazing No Hassle 90 day guarantee. All you've got to lose is that nasty smoke.

If you have any questions at all, give me a ring. Toll Free 1-888-472-8736.

Dan Buglio