COMMERCIAL - SRS Series - Replacement Filters

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Important Pricing Update:

Unfortunately, due to continually rising manufacturing and shipping costs, we have had to recently increase our prices. If you are looking at an old catalog or old quote, the current price is shown.

Lead Times and How to Contact Us:

Current lead times are roughly 1-2 weeks for machines and often much faster for filters. Please contact us with any questions. We can also accept phone orders payable by check. Give us a call.

Rush Orders and Customer Service:

Likewise, if you need your machine faster, call us at Toll Free 1-888-472-8736. We can see if a rush order can be facilitated to meet your needs.

Annual Filter Kit for SRS Series Smoke Removal Systems:

Annual Filter kit for the SRS Series of Smoke Removal Systems (Smoke Eaters) This yearly kit includes:

- 12 Pre-Filters (changed monthly)
- 6 Carbon Filters (changed every two months)
- 1 HEPA Filter (changed annually)

*Please note that the white pre-filters pictured above are now a blue and white marbled color with a slightly higher quality.

SRS Series Smoke Eater Models and Pricing:

SRS Series Smoke Eater Models:

- SRS 800 - $375
- SRS 1000 - $400
- SRS 1500 - $450
- SRS 2000 - $460
- SRS 1200 Flush Mount - $375
- SRS 2000 Flush Mount - $440
- SRS 14 Flush Mount - $375
- SRS 22 Flush Mount - $375

SED Series Smoke Eater Models and Pricing:

SED Series Models:

- SED 1000 Ducted Smoke Eater - $450
- SED 1500 Ducted Smoke Eater - $450
- SED 2000 Ducted Smoke Eater - $460