SED 2000 Concealed Commercial Smoke Eater

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This air cleaner, the SED 2000 is designed to be a concealed system. This means that you can have the machine installed in a separate space from the room that it is cleaning. It could be in an attic, a mechanical room, by your furnace, etc. Then you would have to have a duct coming from the machine, running to where you want it in the room. The purpose of this is to be able to not have the big machine in your room. This is more expensive, but this is the more elegant way of cleaning the air. The air cleaner itself is reasonably expensive, but the instalation is too, because of the needed ducts.

The SED 2000 is more powerful than the SED 1500 and the SED 1000, and it is needed for bigger rooms.

Airflow:  2000 CFM free flow fan speed with an actual 1500 CFM with the filters in place.

Dimensions: L 48" x W 24" x H 24"

This air cleaner removes smoke as well as other unwanted particles.

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These machines are NOT stock items and typically take about 4 weeks to be built and shipped. If you need your machine faster, call us at Toll Free 1-888-472-8736.  We can see if a rush order can be facilitated to meet your needs.

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